NI mate v2.0 announcement + beta applica...

It's been nearly a year since we last put out an official update to NI mate. This doesn't mean that we've stopped working on the software - on the contrary. We're happy to now announce on the blog that for … Continue reading

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NI mate v1.19 trial extension patch rele...

Unfortunately some of our users have had problems with NI mate v1.20, but downgrading to v1.19 was impossible with a trial licence as v1.19 expired for trial usage when v1.20 was released. In order to address problems faced by our … Continue reading

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NI mate v1.20 with updated Maya plugin r...

We're pleased to bring you a new NI mate v1.20, which brings you a more evolved skeleton smoothing algorithm as well as a load of bug fixes. We've also finally gone ahead and rewritten the Maya plugin. The new plugin … Continue reading

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NI mate birthday compo deadline extended...

It's been a hectic two months here at Delicode - especially with the release of Z Vector at SXSW 2014. All this rush has meant that we didn't have the time to promote the NI mate birthday competition in the … Continue reading

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Delicode at SXSW 2014 and GDC 2014

After over two years of intense development and an eight month beta period, last week's South by Southwest culminated in the release of our company's second software to date - Z Vector. Not only did we do visuals for an … Continue reading

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The real time motion capture tool


Examples of Supported applications and protocols

Official plugins and supported applications

  • Blender

    Our plugin offers real-time motion capture and full game engine support for movies, game prototypes, presentations and installations

  • Animata

    Natively supported by NI mate via OSC, Animata offers users a fast route to start experimenting with Kinect enabled real-time digital puppetry

Supported protocols

  • Midi

    Operate your MIDI enabled DAW software, synthesizers and effects via MIDI Control Change messages

  • Open Sound Control

    NI mate offers full support for the Open Sound Control protocol

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