Cinema 4D motion capture tutorial by Sam Welker

A lot of people have been making requests for a tutorial on how to hook up NI mate with an existing rig in Cinema 4D. We’re now extremely happy to showcase an awesome tutorial on the subject by Sam Welker from ThinkParticle dot com. Although the tutorial doesn’t cover all the steps, it answers most of the basic questions related to the procedure. Lets hear it for Sam!

7 Responses to Cinema 4D motion capture tutorial by Sam Welker

  1. This is awesome Sam, but it would be really great if you would also try to deform an actual mesh because I have been having incredible difficulty getting the rotation data to actually map to the joints, and i get a mess. I feel like I’m really close to getting it but i just can’t do it… Even using the targets it still just doesn’t work. I think it is a serious bug that only doesn’t work for meshes. It’s like no one tried actually deforming a mesh with the plugin… idk. please give it a try.

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