Download NI mate (v1.20)

Download NI mate

Download, install and run NI mate (please read the documentation if you have previously used a your sensor device, for example the Microsoft Kinect, with your PC) and attach your device via USB. Before you can start using NI mate, you will need to either purchase a commercial license or register your Kinect for a free trial license. You can do this best from within the program upon first launch by clicking either "Get free trial licence", "Purchase a single licence" or "Purchase a multi-licence". A multi-licence will offer you the added benefit of a single licence file that will be able to function with all of your Kinects - handy if you have many lying around.

After purchase or registration just apply the license you receive in to the e-mail address you indicated and get going! The same license file works for Windows, OS X and Linux and you are allowed to put it in to as many installations of NI mate as you wish. This enables you to move the your sensor device between multiple computers at will.

Note: We now have an OpenNI v2 compliant version of NI mate with Kinect for Windows support available for Windows computers. If you want to use a Kinect for Windows device, please install runtime drivers for the device. Please read Microsoft's policies before doing so.

See the documentation and FAQ for more information about installing and using the software.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 32/64 bit
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 32/64 bit (with Kinect for Windows support)
Mac OS X (Intel)
Mac OS X 10.6+
Mac OS X 10.6+ (OpenNI 2 version)
Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit
Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit

Previous versions: v1.19 v1.18, v1.17, v1.16.

Note: To continue trial usage with NI mate v1.19 please apply the following patch after installing NI mate v1.19 by copying the patch executable from the zip archive next to the NI mate v1.19 executable and running it:
v1.19 patch for Windows
v1.19 patch for OS X

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