First tutorial online / NI mate on Blendernation

Janne just uploaded the first official tutorial for NI mate. This tutorial covers the basics of using NI mate for motion capture within Blender and should get you started very quickly. We have also uploaded the first set of example files which are used in the tutorial itself. You are absolutely free to make use of these as a basis for your own work. Check out the tutorial on Delicode’s official Youtube channel:

In other news, NI mate was just featured on the biggest Blender news site on the Internet: Needless to say we’re pretty excited about this and welcome all the new people wanting to try out their Kinect with Blender! As I stated on Blendernation, there will be a prize draw for all people participating in the beta, more about this on a later blog post.

PS. It also seems Bart from Blendernation doesn’t seem so enthusiastic about the Bunny’s voice, quote: “(I just wish they’d loose the sullen voice – I really can’t listen to that for long).”. If anybody knows James Earl Jones, please let me know! :-)