More tutorial goodness + Phantom making waves

Here’s a great tutorial on how to use Sam Welkers’ fantastic Joint Targeter tool. The Joint Targeter was made by Sam in order for himself and others to make it even simpler to use motion capture data coming from the NI mate in Cinema 4D. You should definitely check both the tutorial and the tool out:

In other cool news the 100% Kinect-shot music video Delicode and Studio Lumikuu made together for the Finnish electronic act Phantom has been making waves in notable music media (and even outside of it). The software created in order to make the music video (a separate experimental tool that is in early development) will be touring with Phantom this coming summer. The band itself is absolutely amazing and you definitely listen to the other tracks as well. Here’s Phantom’s Scars once more:

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  1. This is gorgeous! Im very envious! But it is a good envy, don’t worry. Almost cum. Eat this Radiohed! XD

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