NI mate price + R&D roadmap 2012

First of all some good news regarding the price of an NI mate license. For buyers located outside of the European Union region the license can be sold without VAT (unlike we were previously made to believe). For EU citizens the price will still include 23% Finnish VAT. All this means that outside of the European Union, a single license of NI mate (and all future updates) will cost you only 166USD (with the -20% May sale that we’re currently offering). For those who already bought a license: we will refund you the extra that you paid.

If you have a VAT registered company within the EU and would like to buy the license to your company, just contact us at for billing. If you’re purchasing more than 10 licenses in one go you can also ask for an offer and get a further a percentage off the total price.

As promised we’re releasing the following Research & Development (and release) roadmap for NI mate. As this has not been set in stone yet, we’d like to challenge you guys in to talking about what would make NI mate worthwhile for you to purchase a license. For those of you who already have or are going to purchase a license, your word means even more to us so please do tell us what you think!

NI mate roadmap 2012

v1.1 Multi-user support for exact & controller data
v1.1 Multiple simultaneous feeds through Syphon and the FreeFrameGL plugin
v1.2 Recording and playback of captured data
v1.2 Controlling NI mate parameters & changing profiles through MIDI & OSC
v1.3 More MIDI & OSC controller options
v1.3 BVH-exporting

Further research:
– Head/wrist orientation tracking
– Support for multiple sensors
– Improving tracking by using multiple NI mates
– Face detection & other means of identifying users
– Integratin other input devices to improve the tracking (for example smart phone with accelerometer)
– Speed increases from multithreading and from using the gpu
– (Kinect for Windows support)
– (Linux support)

3 Responses to NI mate price + R&D roadmap 2012

  1. Hi Julius!

    I love the Blender Game Engine and NI Mate suport for it, although I was able to make it work just on one computer during the beta period.

    The future Linux version and the Blender Game Engine support are the most promising features in my opinion, but I guess this is going to be discontinued since you join WWF :I


    All the best for NI Mate! Great to see the shop open :)

    • Thanks a lot for the nice words! If you’re still having problems with getting the BGE part of the plugin working, please do get in touch with Janne on the forum.


  2. Hello Julius!

    Thankyou for this amazing software we are using it for its OSC functionality at the moment. I wonder tho, do you plan to use the Microsoft SDK so that you can make use of their sophisticated skeleton algorithms? I find the skeleton from NI Mate to be inadequate for precise musical expression and know that the full power of the kinect lies with the code Microsoft hides under the hood.

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