NI mate v1.19 released!

Again we’re pleased to bring you a new and much improved version of NI mate – your real-time motion capture software. This release fixes many of the unfortunate stability issues found in v1.18, but it also introduces something we’ve hinted at for quite a while: the capability to record and playback .oni depth clips. This powerful new functionality (and file format) enables the real-time capture and saving of a depth map in good quality.

The ability to playback recorded material also enables you to make use of NI mate and motion capture files even when you don’t have your sensor with you or attached to the computer. Last but not least .oni files can be played back in our other software, Z Vector, through which they open up what we think is a revolutionary new way to make film and real-time, sound synchronized visuals.

Download NI mate v1.19!

New features

  • Depth clip recording
    Depth clip (.oni file format) recording from the connected live sensor. Without a full licence the recording time is limited to 10 s. Recording can be started from the Live view tab or from the “Depth Clip” NI mate menu. The recorded depth clips will be stored in the “user home/NI mate” folder by default, but this folder can be changed in the NI mate preferences.

  • Depth clip playback
    Playback of depth clips (.oni file format) with full support for all NI mate tracking capabilities. You can open a depth clip by simply double clicking it, from the new “Depth Clip” NI mate menu or from the Open depth clip button in the Live view tab.

    All recorded clips in the folder specified in the NI mate preferences (“user home/NI mate” by default) will be listed in the “Depth clip” menu.

    You can even play back depth clips without a sensor connected, but in this case the trial restrictions automatically apply as a licensed sensor is not connected.

  • OSC messages to Processing from outside sources
    NI mate’s automatic processing integration uses OSC to make the data available to the processing sketch, but this meant that it was very difficult to receive any OSC messages from other sources. Now this is taken into account and you can use OSC in a NI mate processing sketch just as if NI mate wasn’t even there.

Bug fixes

  • Triggers, OSC and MIDI controller now work properly with high speed mode.

  • Fix for crashes and instable operation caused by changing the OSC settings.

  • OSC Controller left & right hand coordinates weren’t sent correctly.

  • More detailed MIDI error reporting.

  • Processing export didn’t always replace an existin folder properly.

  • Syphon output feeds were mixed up.

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    • Hi Darren. We’re definitely looking into the K4W v2. I can’t share more at the moment as we’re only taking the first steps, but NI mate for the K4W v2 will definitely arrive at some point.

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