NI mate version 1.0 released + web shop coming

We are extremely happy to announce the release of NI mate version 1.0. Apart from offering new functionality, we’re also happy to offer an official NI mate plugin for Autodesk Maya. A video tutorial is in the works, but if you want to get started straight away check out the instructions on the plugin page.

With NI mate v1.0 we are moving NI mate from free beta into a commercial product. This means that within the week we will be opening the NI mate webshop for purchasing a license to the product. The price (which we think is very affordable) of a license will be announced when the webshop opens.

While we hope that many of you will think that our little software is valuable enough for you to purchase (thus supporting further development), we do not want to alienate the many fantastic users we’ve gained by offering NI mate free in the beta phase. For this reason we will continue to offer a free trial version of the product. If you participated in the beta phase then your beta license key will automatically work as a trial key as well. Please note that the trial mode of NI mate has not been feature crippled, but will display a few trial notices and shut itself down after an hour of use.

New features:

  • Syphon support for OS X: the current live view is now streamed automatically through Syphon for easy video input to other software. A Syphon to FreeFrameGL plugin for OS X can also be downloaded from the Syphon website. The application name for the Syphon feed is “Delicode_NI_mate” and the server name is “Delicode Server”.

  • FreeFrameGL support for Windows: the current live view is now streamed automatically through FreeFrameGL for easy video input to other software. For this you will need the NI mate FreeFrameGL plugin.

  • Multiuser support: track & send data for multiple people at the same time.

  • Autocorrect orientation: the tracked coordinates are automatically straightened to be level with the ground even if the Kinect is tilted (does not work with the Xtion PRO as it doesn’t have an accelerometer).

  • A bit better skeleton tracking smoothing algorithm.

  • Select the screen the ghost is drawn on for multi-screen setups.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix for a bad MIDI bug that caused NI mate to use wrong MIDI ports and crash in the worst case.

  • After a crash NI mate could be left in a un-runnable state due to the sensor becoming marked as still being in use. The user can now choose to ignore this warning and continue with normal operation.

Thank you for all the many beta testers out there. Once we settle on the prizes, a draw will be held among all the beta testers. Winners will be announced on this blog in a few weeks! Thank you for trying out NI mate!

Head over to the download page to get NI mate v1.0!

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