NI mate web shop opened, May sale -20%

Edit 9th of May 2012: We were under the false impression that VAT would need to be included in non-EU purchases as well. We were informed that this is not so and have now corrected the price for non-EU citizens. This means that for the month of May, a license of NI mate for a non-EU purchaser will be only some 128euros or 166USD. Read more here.

We’re extremely pleased to announce that after a few delays we’ve now opened the NI mate web shop. A single or dual sensor device licence can be purchased from the Paypal enabled NI mate web shop. The price that we have fixed for NI mate is €160+23% Finnish VAT (roughly totaling at 256USD at today’s exchange rate). We hope this price point will make NI mate very good value for money, while still giving us enough resources to develop the software much further in the future. In order to kick off the sales we are offering NI mate for a nice -20% off until the end of May. You can best access the shop directly from within NI mate (Mac OS X screen), this way the correct Kinect serial number will get passed on to the web form:

NI mate launch screen, Mac OS X

We have decided not to burden the logistics of our tiny startup by trying to offer academic licences for now. This means that we do not currently offer extra discounts to students, staff nor universities themselves. However, if you represent a university, company or other entity that would like to purchase at least 10 or more licences in one go, or could consider becoming an official reseller for NI mate in your country, then please do contact us for an offer at

Through the past three months we’ve been lucky to meet a lot of enthusiasm and creativity from a growing user community. We hope that with the opening of this web shop (and hopefully many purchases) we will be able to meet all of your expectations also in the future. As always: Thank you for trying out NI mate! :)

PS. If you’re wondering what’s the point of having a dual licence. If (like us) you have multiple Kinects lying around, a dual licence will run NI mate with both of the sensor devices. You don’t have to worry which one to attach. We can also create licence files for even more Kinects. If you would like to purchase a licence for more than two Kinects, please get in touch with us at

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