NI mate and Blender

Blender: The world's most popular open source 3D suite

With over four million downloads a year from, Blender is the world's favorite open source 3D suite. Our official add-on for the software allows you instant access to tracking data coming from your depth camera device. Plugin your camera, start up NI mate and the Blender plugin and do real-time motion capture for games and films or use your camera with the Blender game engine for instant depth camera enabled real-time 3D presentations or game prototypes.

In order to get started, check out our video tutorials and download some free example .blend files. If you have any questions regarding the plugin, just head to our forum for support. Feel free to share your setups and .blend files with other users.

Did you know? NI mate's official launch and introduction video, "The Kinected Bunny" was shot completely using NI mate and Blender together with this plugin. Also check out the "Making of The Kinected Bunny".

Example files and profiles

New addon:

Old addon:

  • Old Blender add-on
  • Video tutorial - How to get started with motion capture in Blender.
  • NI mate Profile - A basic NI mate profile that will get you started straight away with the sample files!
  • Mocap.blend - A basic motion capture template. Get up and running full body motion capture in a matter of seconds!
  • Bunny.blend - The plain bunny rig from The Kinected Bunny. Suit up as Big Buck Bunny either in the game engine or in the 3d view with the NI mate Blender addon!

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