Watch the new tutorial for the NI mate Unity plugin

This week at SIGGRAPH was exciting and both NI mate and Z Vector were well received by members of the CG industry. A full blog post will follow on SIGGRAPH later. As last week saw our NI mate plugin being included into the Unity Asset Store, we decided it was time to do a proper video tutorial to get everybody started. The tutorial covers the basics of using the plugin as well as how to import the live feed in to Unity (if you’re using non-pro Unity, please check out this FAQ entry):

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  1. This was a very helpful tutorial, and the Unity plugin is greatly appreciated! However, I don’t see any reason why the plugin needs to be for Unity4, as the Unity asset store claims, apart from the reason the demo scene with the bunny is apparently made in Unity4.

    Indeed, I tried to make a scene with the bunny in Unity3 (free version), and got the plugin to work (thanks again to the excellent tutorial)!
    (I have an Android license on Unity 3, not Unity 4, so I needed it on Unity3.) See my video here:

    With regards,


    • Hi Gidi. Thanks a lot for the heads up and the excellent video (though an english one would be even better:)). The reason it’s marked Unity 4 is that we just couldn’t find a place where to mark that it works with Unity 3. However as this is definitely a good point, we probably better write it up on the NI mate website.

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