Win a free license of NI mate and an Oculus Rift devkit!

Pow! We’re heading to the new year with a blast! First off, in order to celebrate NI mate’s second birthday (the software was released to open beta in January 2012) in style, we’re launching a competition and giving away two full licenses of NI mate each month until the end of March (total of six full licenses!). These licenses will be dealt between people who’ve posted a new NI mate related tutorial or workflow video online publicly to either Youtube or Vimeo.

We’re not favouring any particular software or workflow – your project can be about anything, but has to feature NI mate in some important role. If you’d like to make a tutorial video that makes use of features that are not available in the trial version or if you’d just want to not be bothered with the nag screen while you’re making your video, you can request a temporary license file from us in order to prepare the video. If you’d like to get a clue about how we usually form our tutorials, you can check our Youtube channel.

The kicker? Not only are we giving away licenses of NI mate, but the creator of the best video – chosen by us and the community at the end of March – will receive a full Oculus Rift devkit worth $350! If you’re unfamiliar with the Oculus Rift or what you do with it and NI mate, you should check out this video from our recent talk from the Blender Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

Apart from the competition, we’re also announcing the rewriting of the NI mate plugin for Autodesk Maya. In order to make the plugin the absolute best it can be, we’re asking for your help. Get in touch with us and tell us how you’d like the plugin to work.

The best way to get in touch with us is to either write our support email or leave us direct feedback through the webpages or the NI mate forum. Help us celebrate NI mate’s 2nd birthday by helping us make the software better than ever!

Big Buck Bunny with the Oculus Rift SDK

“I approve of this competition!”
Big Buck Bunny (c) 2008 Blender Foundation